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8mm Film Conversions
Video Conversions

Video Transfers

Video Transfers

VHS/Betamax/VHS-C/8mm Cassette Tapes

Any Length VHS Tape..... $15.00 each

Any Length Betamax Tape..... $12.00 each

Any Length 8mm Tape..... $9.00 each

Any Length VHS-C Tape..... $7.00 each

8mm & Super 8mm Film

3" Reel..... $8.00 each

4" Reel..... $10.00 each

5" Reel..... $12.00 each

6" Reel..... $14.00 each

7" Reel..... $16.00 each

35mm Slide Scanning
Photo Scanning

Photo Scans

Photo Scans


Any Size Photo..... 20¢ each (Minimum of 20)

Photo Negative Scanning

Photo Negatives & 35mm Slides

Negatives or Slides..... 25¢ each (Minimum of 10)

Audio Cassette Conversions

Audio Transfers

Audio Transfers

Audio Cassette Tapes

Any Length Audio Cassette..... $7.00 each

Document Scanning
Floppy Disc Transfers

Other Services

Other Services

Floppy Disc Transfers

Floppy Discs..... $3.00 each

(Note: Some floppy discs may be unreadable or contain files that may not open on newer computers)

CD to MP3 Transfers

Music CD Transfers

Music CDs..... $3.00 each

(Note: MP3s will be ripped at 320 kbps unless instructed to rip at a lower quality. Some cds may be copy protected or unable to be copied due to scratches)

Document Scans

10¢ per page (Minimum of 20)

Extra Services

Extra Services


Video Repairs..... $10.00 per tape/reel

Video Editing/Enhancing..... $15.00 flat rate per tape/reel


Audio Repairs..... $10.00 per cassette

Audio Editing/Enhancing..... $10.00 flat rate per cassette

Track Separating..... $10.00 per cassette


Photo Touch-ups/Enhancing..... 25¢ each


PDF Printing..... 25¢ per PDF

Music CDs

Add Artwork..... 25¢ per CD


I will keep back-up copies of all your projects for a one-time fee of $100.00.

Choose what you'll get back

Choose what you'll get back

CD-R Data Disc..... $4.00 each

DVD-R Data Disc..... $5.00 each

Playable Audio CD..... $6.00 each

MP4 Photo Slide Show with Music..... $15.00

Playable DVD w/ Menus..... $20.00 each

32GB USB Flash Drive..... $5.00

64GB USB Flash Drive..... $7.00

128GB USB Flash Drive..... $9.00

256GB USB Flash Drive..... $20.00

512GB USB Flash Drive..... $40.00

1TB External Hard Drive..... $70.00

(Note: If USB Flash Drive option is selected, size will be determined upon project completion)

Digital Download for All Formats..... Free! (Available for 30 days)

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