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Why should I convert my physical media?

Converting old media allows you to preserve your memories, enjoy better quality playback and easily share your videos with others. Storing them in a hot attic or cold basement subjects them to extreme temperatures can permanently damage old tapes and film.

My media is irreplaceable. Is this process safe?

Absolutely! I treat every bit of media as if it were my own.

Where is the processing done?

All processing is done in my home office in Hartsdale, NY.

Will I receive my original media back?

Yes. If repairs are needed, the casing of a cassette may be replaced with a new one.

Can you provide a download link instead of physical media?

Yes, a download link can be provided for free, if requested.

Can I ship my media to you?

Yes and I will ship back your original media free of charge.

How long will the process take?

Leadtime depends on the size of the project. For instance, If you have 10 VHS tapes, that are potentially 6-8 hours long each, just to convert them to digital alone can take anywhere between 60-80 hours. Transfers must be done in real time. There’s no fast way around it. All projects are completed on a first come/first serve basis.

How can I get a quote?

You can email me at the “Contact Me” section of the website. The more detailed you are in the description of your media, the better a quote I can provide.

I had my tapes transferred by another service, but the result was poor. Can you improve the results?

It’s possible. I’d have to see the footage first.

Can you enhance the sound of my audio cassettes?

Yes, to a degree. Sometimes, reducing hissing, pops or clicks might compromise the integrity of the audio because of compression.

Can you prioritize my project?

I may be able to prioritize your project, depending on availability. Please inquire.

Why should I use you, instead of the other services?

I’m a one-person operation, so you know the results are consistent. You are going to get a personal touch with my services.

Where can I see some of your work?

Currently, you can see some of my work in the “Portfolio” section of the site. You can also visit my social media pages. See links at the bottom of the screen.

I noticed that your social media has VHS footage. How can I be sure you will not post my footage?

Everything I post on my social media pages is from my own personal collection of VHS tapes. If I see something interesting in your collection, I will always ask your permission before using any of it to promote my brand.

Confidentialitly is important to me. Do you have processes in place to ensure my media is not shared?

Since I am a one-person operation, I can assure you that no one will see your media besides me.

Do you offer pickup and delivery?

Yes, for very large projects.

Will you come and look at my collection and give me an estimate?

Yes, for very large projects.

Will you sign an NDA?


Do you have references?

Yes, references can be provided upon request.

My audio/video tapes don’t play. Can they be repaired?

Usually, I can repair cassette tapes, however, sometimes it means sacrificing portions of the original footage. For instance, if a tape was “eaten” by your player, forcing that portion of the tape back through a player, may result in more damage to the original footage or to the player itself. That section of tape might need to be sacrificed in order to salvage the rest of the footage.

Can I use my own hard drive for storage?

Yes, just bring it to me.

Do I need to take my photos out of their albums?

No. Just give them to me as is.

Do I need to take my slides out of their trays?

No. Just give them to me as is.

Do you name each file?

If media is labeled properly with names and dates of an event/recording, it will be very easy to title each file accordingly. If media doesn't have any labeling, each file will have a generic title, so the user can rename them as they see fit at a later date. If you want me to title files without obvious labeling, there may be extra fees, as frequent correspondence will be necessary. For photos, I recommend grouping them in envelopes according to event, if possible. Then I can just name them, "Thanksgiving 1998 #1, Thanksgiving 1998 #2, Thanksgiving 1998 #3, etc."

Can I play the digital files on my TV?

Many smart TVs have USB ports on them, so you can just plug the thumb drive right in. Usually the TV will have software that automatically detects the video files and plays them. For these TVs, MP4 files are best. You can also, upload them to your home computer and stream them if you have Google Chromecast, AppleTV, etc.

Can you get any file off of an old floppy disc?

Yes. I can transfer them to a USB thumb drive or DVD-R. However, if a file is obsolete and the original software isn’t available, you may not be able to open them on your computer.

What video formats do you convert?

Currently I handle VHS, VHS-C, Betamax and 8mm only, but I’m resourcing more options. Please inquire.

What film formats do you convert?

Currently I handle 8mm and Super 8mm only, but I’m resourcing more options. Please inquire.

What audio formats do you convert?

Standard audio cassettes only, but I’m resourcing more options. Please inquire.

Do you print photos or develop film?

No, but I can convert negatives into digital files.

How does your pricing work?

Pricing audio tapes and photos is easy. Photos are easily counted and audio tapes are priced the same regardless of length. Video is difficult to quote because of recording speed. Some VHS tapes, recorded on the slowest speed, may be up to 8 hours long, whereas, some tapes only have 30 minutes of actual footage and the rest is blank. I’ll usually quote on the higher end, but more than often, the end price will be lower than the initial quote.

How do you accept payment?

Credit card payments can be made on the website, or in some cases, I will accept Cash, Venmo, CashApp, Zelle or personal checks. 

Do I pay upfront?

No. Payment should be made after the project has been completed.

Can I have multiple copies of my USB thumb drives/DVDs for my family?


How long can you make an MP4 photo slide show?

As long as you want.

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