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After These Messages Digital Transfers is a New York based, independently owned, small business, run and operated by a life-long audiophile, videophile and archivist. I provide everything from basic projects to complex and customized projects at an affordable price. Every project is treated as if it were my own, so you can trust me with your cherished home movies or photos. I will make the whole process very easy for you. There is no minimum or maximum amount of physical media I will transfer and I offer several digital storage options. My mission is to help families preserve and pass down their memories for generations to come.

"Isn’t this service expensive?" Because I am a small business, I'm able to keep my pricing lower than most of the larger businesses who offer similar services. No upfront payments are necessary. With me you'll receive a personal touch you can only get from a one-on-one phone or in-person consultation. Gather all your media and email me for a free, “no obligations,” quote. 

"Why should I transfer my physical media to digital?" Physical media is quickly becoming obsolete. 80% of video tapes, audio tapes and photos experience loss, damage or serious wear over time. Your memories are precious and aren't being enjoyed sitting in a dusty old box in the attic. Digitizing them keeps all your memories alive forever.

"How do I get my media to you?" Currently, I only have one drop-off location in the Westchester, New York area. Mail in options are available. Local pick-ups are also available for large projects.

I offer transfer services such as video tape transfers, 8mm transfers, audio cassette transfers, photo scanning, negative/35mm slide scanning, document scanning, floppy disk back-up and CD ripping. Extra services include video montages, photo slide shows, editing, custom titles, digital photo tagging, repairs and digital back-up guarantee. You will receive email updates as your project is in my hands and you are free to contact me any time for any reason. I tend not to rush projects as important as this, but I am happy to accommodate if a job requires immediate attention. 

I care very deeply about what I do and would love to help you keep your memories alive forever.

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